As I have only been drawing since January 2016, my portfolio, or as I prefer to refer to it, my stack of drawings, is not too extensive.

As you can see from the images above, I have played about with quite a wide range of art styles. I love mixing colored pencils with marker pens, I also love just pure colored pencil art. Very recently I have started playing about with Watercolors and watercolor pencils as well as pastels. I think when you use high quality art products, although absolutely not necessary to accomplish good art, they certainly make the process more enjoyable and easier for me.

High quality art supplies are definitely not essential for creating good art, a true artist can create amazing art from table salt, however, for me personally, as someone with no experience or accademic qualifications or training, the better the art supplies the easier the process. It is important to understand, especially trawling through the internet looking for advice; art is incredibly subjective and personal. take all of the advice for what it is, "Advice" Without doubt, the best way to learn and express yourself is to, take the advice and tutorials you have read or watched into your own hands and put them onto paper, canvas, wood paper or whatever your canvas