This is a topic I have thought long and hard about and am still incredibly undecided about. Recently I have received emails and messages for viewers and subscribers, asking me if I had a donation system they could add to, to help purchase products for reviewing. It was something I had never considered and simply felt if I couldn't afford a new product, then I'd just wait until I could. 

After a considerable number of questions on the matter, I decided to give it a trial period, however I would like to add a few rules. 

Every single donation made will go toward purchasing a new art product for review. All products purchased via donation money will be returned to those donating in way of a giveaway. Also should anyone decide to make a donation, I would like to thank them publicly on video and written reviews of the particular product purchased. However, if you may remain anonymous if that is you wish. Finally, other than the issuing of names if requested, there will be total transparency regarding donations and what they are being spent on.  

I will have this system on trial for a few months and see how it goes. Regardless of the systems time, please under no circumstances feel pressured or obliged to make donations.