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Chalk Ola Chalk Markers

Chalk Ola Chalk Markers

Chalk Ola Chalk Markers

A few weeks ago I was contacted, via email, by a company called Chalk Ola, asking me if I would like to review their product, the Chalk Ola Chalk Markers. According to the email, they had seen my reviews and like the format and honesty behind my reviews, so I was absolutely thrilled to be contacted in the first instance and once I read a bit about the products, I was excited. 

I was given a brief description of the markers, which was along the lines of; markers that can be used on non porous surfaces, for example, glass, plastic, tile, whiteboards, chalkboards and much more. I was given the impression of a much cleaner alternative to the old dusty chalk sticks used back in the day. so I was really excited to see these markers in action.

also, before I begin with my written review of the Chalk Ola Markers, a good friend of mine and amazing artist called Jen aka JenW Fine Arts, was also contacted by the company and I have linked to some of her amazing work with these pens. Both of our reviews were done completely independently of one an other, however, I feel that both our reviews sum up everything there is to know and love about this product, both reviews are very different and this is why I have linked to Jens work as well.  

Chalk Ola Safety Information 

Before we get into the actual features of the markers and what they can be used for, I would just like to discuss the safety aspects of the markers and whether or not they can be given to children etc. 

The Chalk Ola Markers are completely child safe, this was a very important criteria to meet for Chalk Ola as a company and after using the markers I can totally understand why. The Markers are Non Toxic, acid free and on the packaging they state that there is a low odor from the markers. However, I think the company are quite harsh on themselves regarding this feature, I have used every marker they sent to me and not once did I sense any odor at all. To ensure I wasn't in the early stages of Man Flu, I asked my children and wife if they could smell anything at all from the markers and they agreed with me that there was no odor at all.

The markers do not actually have ink inside them, it is more of a water based paint, in a marker pen format. This means that when kids are using them, if they should happen to get paint on their cloths, the paint is easily removed with water, so no need to worry about tiny little people destroying their nice new cloths.

The Chalk Ola Markers are in fact perfect in all areas of life, be it with children or just highly messy and creative adults. There is no worry of toxic fumes or terrible staining allowing the Chalk Ola markers to be enjoyed by all with clear peace of mind. 

It is worth however remembering that the markers are for use on non porous surfaces and the company advise, before using the markers, to try them on a discreet area of whatever surface you are going to use, before you just blast them all over that surface.  

Chalk Ola Marker Features 

There are approximately six different packs available for the markers, which I will go into more detail about, further down the review, but for now lets take a look at the markers I was sent.

First are the awesome jumbo, 15mm chisel style nib, makers. This is a pack of 8 bright vibrant colors, Yellow, Blue, White, Purple, Red, Pink, Orange and Green of thick chunky goodness and fun in your hand. When you get hold of these markers, all you want to do is find the biggest window you can find and create, simple as that. 

Next is a set of 15 Chalk Pens, with a 6mm Bullet nib, however the nib is reversible, producing a small chisel nib, which allows for you to create excellent detail. The colors available in this set are Black, White, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Orange, Dark Green, Light Green, Olive Green, Brown, Red, Burgundy, Purple, Pink, Yellow and finally a Flesh or Peach color. 

Finally, a smaller set of 5 Metallic Chalk Pens, sporting a 4.5mm nib, these pens are a much smaller size compared to the other markers explained, much closer in size to a conventional felt tip pen, however, there is nothing nothing conventional about any of these Chalk Ola Markers. Within the Metallic set the colors are Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Silver and Gold, I have to say right now that the Silver and Gold pens are just outstanding.

How To Use The Chalk Ola Markers

This may seem like a pretty silly subtitle, however, because of the Chalk Ola markers paint style nature, you have to activate them before using them. When you open the sets, before removing the lid of the markers, with the exception of the 4.5mm bullet nib Metallic pens, you need to shake the marker. When shaken, you will hear a small ball or marble, rattling inside the pen shaft mixing the paint. 

Once you have done this, remove the lid and on a non porous surface, either the surface you are about to create art on or a small bit of plastic or plate acting as a palette, pump the nib of the marker up and down a few times. This will start to release the paint and you will see it start to flood into the nib. This is just my opinion and a bit of advise if you decide to get a set of these awesome markers, when you start to activate the markers, do it when the nib is the bullet style nib and not the chisel nib. If you try it with the chisel nib, you don't have a stable surface and may run the risk of damaging the chisel nib. Like I say, this is just my advise and not that of the company.

Chalk Ola Surfaces To Paint On.

With Chalk Ola Markers, it really does feel like the world is your canvas, I have made a video review of these awesome markers and on the video you can see the various surfaces I used the markers on, and I only scratched the surface.

The Chalk Ola Markers can be used on Windows, Mirrors, ceramic tiles, glass or any kind so jars, drinking glasses, plates, plastic surfaces, Fridge Freezer doors turning them into your new notice boards and so much more.

When I first read about the pens and noticed that to clean the surface you had just used the Markers on, all you had to do was wipe with a damp cloth, I was a little disappointed. I thought that if the paint removed that easily, all it would take is a hand to hit the paint or someone to rub against it for the art to disappear, but this is not the case.

Once you have created your master piece, allow a short time for it to dry and it will remain their until you wipe a damp cloth over it. It is not at all easy to remove with a dry hand or finger, there is no chance of accidentally rubbing up against the art and removing it, at worst you may smudge a small amount, but that is all. The concept is amazing and really does open up a new meaning to, "The World Of Art".

Perfect Ideas For Chalk Ola Markers.

There are so many awesome events and scenarios that are just perfect for Chalk Ola Markers and in fact I would go so far as to say that, as a lot of these events happen annually, it is a must that you have a set of Chalk Ola Markers in your home, school or business for such events.

Halloween, Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, St Patricks Day and so many other holidays, were decorating the house is normal and getting the kids involved is a tradition. When I was a child, I loved Christmas for lots of reasons, but one of those reasons was spray snow for decorating the windows with. My Sister and Brother and I would use stencils of snowmen and Christmas tress  and hardly leave any window space.

However, now with these amazing Chalk Ola Markers and Pens, the whole family can get involved in decorating the windows with whatever is appropriate for that particular holiday. The same goes for schools, Restaurants, cafes, pubs, shops and other businesses. 

Other Sets Available. 

As well as the three sets I received, there are two other sets that Chalk Ola offer. They also offer an 8 pack of 5.5mm bullet nib Earth colored markers and a 3 pack of 4.5mm white chalk pens. This 3 pack of chalk pens are the same size as the Metallic pens.

For now i think the selection is excellent, however, I am sure as time moves on, more colors or sizes will become available. I personally think this company Chalk Ola is on to a winner with the Chalk Ola Markers and would love to see them extend their range, simply because I am greedy when it comes to amazing art products and just want more and more.

Front Door Stain Glassed Markers 

Chalk Ola Pricing

Regarding the price structure and availability of the Chalk Ola Markers, they are currently only available in America, the UK and Germany, which is a shame cause I think the whole world should have access to this much fun and creativity in one product.  

For the 8 pack of Jumbo 15mm Markers in the UK they are approximately £14, in the US $23 and in Germany €18

For the 8 Pack of 5.5mm Earth Colors in the UK £10 and in Germany €12, I couldn't find a price for the US 

The 10 pack of bullet nib 5.5mm markers in the UK £13, in the US $13 and Germany €12

For the 21 Pack, that is 15 Markers and 6 Metallic pens, in the UK £16, in the US $17 and in Germany €18

Finally the 3 4.5mm White Chalk markers, in the UK £7, in the US $10 and in Germany €10

So as you can see the pricing is outstanding. 


I really don't think my conclusion is really needed for this product review, I think I have made it very clear from the beginning that I absolutely love these markers. As always, I have looked at this product with a very critical eye, always trying to find the pros and cons of the product in the interest of delivering an honest and transparent review to you the reader of viewer of my YouTube video reviews. However, as I have always said, I will not make up a good or bad feature just to create balance and the Chalk Ola Markers are no exception. I really couldn't find a con with these markers. 

When I first started to use them, it took me about half an hour to discover the reversible nib from bullet nib to chisel nib. Until which time I was going to say that you couldn't achieve much in the way of detail with the markers, but then I discovered the nib and even then, it was my stupid fault I didn't notice this feature from the get go as it is clearly stated on the packaging about the reversible nib.

For all those interested in getting a set of these awesome fun markers, Click on the appropriate link for a massive 15% off or use coupon code 15OFFSTR on the ChalkOla Website or their Amazon site. 

21 Markers  

15mm Markers 

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