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Cobra Colored Pencils

Cobra Colored Pencils

Cobra Colored Pencils

Before we get into the review, make sure you read to the end as details will be given for a wonderful giveaway thanks to Albert for another amazing gift of generosity. 

I am sure you can all remember approximately a year or so ago, I was contacted by a true gentleman called Albert, who had decided to create a set of pencils, that would be ideal for artists within the adult coloring book community. This idea was seeded in the notion that art can be a huge help for those suffering with mental health, Alberts first set of pencils was the Black Widow. 

This time, just over a year and a half on, Albert has released his third 24 set of colored pencils called Cobra. Before I go any further I would like to mention that this review will not be an in-depth look at the Cobra colored pencils simply due to the previous two reviews being exactly the same pencil. This look at the Cobra is more a look at the colors available in the new 24 set and overall in the 72 set. 

Sets Available

The sets available in this beautiful range of pencils are, the Black Widow 24 set which was the original set, the second 24 set is the Scorpion set and the third set is the Cobra Colored pencils. Although they are individual sets in their own right, collectively as a 72 set of pencils, the colors compliment each other incredibly well. 

It is of course absolutely fine to purchase one of the 24 sets and be able to create beautiful work, either within the pages of an adult coloring book or on some artist quality paper. However, that being said, purchasing all three sets, giving yourself an excellent 72 set of quality pencils is obviously going to be more beneficial regardless what style of art you are undertaking. 

Cobra Colored Pencils Characteristics 

One of the most striking elements of the pencils is their jet black barrel, accented with bright and easily distinguishable writing, the Black Widow pencils sported blood red print against the black barrel, whereas the Scorpion pencils opted for a crisp clean white print against the black barrel. This time, the Cobra pencil sits a cut above the rest with its rather regal Gold print against the familiar black barrel. 

The core is exactly the same as the Black Widow and Scorpion, 3.8mm in a 8mm barrel, as with the previous two pencils, the Cobra is a comfortable pencil to hold, well weighted and generally feels good in the hand. 

Along the barrel, in gold print is labeled the pencil brand; "Cobra", closely followed by an alphanumerical code which does represent the individual pigment, however the pencils as of yet are not sold in open stock form. Next is the pigment color, now, when the Black Widow pencils first hit the shelves, there was no pigment name on the barrel and this is a clear indication to the owner of the pencils listening to the consumer. Finally at the very end of the pencil is a logo of a Cobra, all three pencils side by side display their logos and there is something really unique about this branding of the pencils. 

With regards to the performance of the Cobra, simply check out the Black Widow or Scorpion reviews as the Cobra pencil is exactly the same core type. 

Lightfast Ratings

As you may expect, the Cobra colored pencils do not have any lightfast ratings as of yet. Given the marketing target of the pencils and the price sets, none of the three sets have any lightfast ratings, in order to do this, would mean a lot of testing, which would bump up the price and also become quite a time consuming process. The bottom line is that the Black Widow, Scorpion and Cobra pencils are not marketed as artist grade pencils, they are more aimed at the hobbiest, however, having said all of that and given my own personal experience with all three sets, beautiful art can absolutely be achieved with them. 

Available Colors 

As you can see from the swatch below, in my YouTube video review of the Cobra Colored Pencils, I laid the colors out in their sets, Black Widow, Scorpion and Cobra. For this written review, I also wanted to make sure that you could see all 72 colors side by side, showing you that all 72 colors are different and that you are not going to be getting duplicates. 

All 72 Colors From Black Widow, Scorpion and Cobra


In the US a 24 set of cobra Colored Pencils will cost you $17, here in the UK a 24 set of Cobra will cost you £13 and to purchase a 24 set of Cobra Colored pencils in Europe would cost €15. 

As you can see from the pricing, should you purchase a set of these amazing pencils you will absolutely be getting a fantastic bargain.    


I have said it right from the very beginning of my experience with the Black Widow and Scorpion Colored Pencils, I absolutely love them and by all accounts so do most of you guys. the feedback I have received about the Black Widow and Scorpion colored pencils from either those of you who won sets or those of you who simply purchased sets for yourself, has been phenomenal. 

The soft waxy nature of the core helps for a smooth and even coverage, although a soft and waxy core, sharpening is effortless and provides a nice point. With a gentle hand the point will remain so for a relatively long period, however additional pressure will obviously reduce the core significantly quicker. 


As always we try to give back to you guys for all your wonderful support and this time it is an awesome giveaway. One lucky winner will win all three sets giving them a wonderful collection of 72 fantastic colored pencils. 

To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is to simply leave a comment on my YouTube video, follow the link to watch the video. Also if you can share the video on all your own social media platforms to give more people the chance of winning this wonderful collection. 

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