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Craftsy - Sourcing Good Tutorials For Colored Pencil Techniques

Craftsy - Sourcing Good Tutorials For Colored Pencil Techniques

Craftsy - Sourcing Good Tutorials For Colored Pencil Techniques 

During the time period that I have been writing reviews and creating youtube videos, relating to art products and in particular colored pencils, as well as showcasing my own art; I have been asked by many of you for advice on where to find the best tutorials.

This gave me a really good idea, or at least I hope it is a good idea and that is to create a playlist on my YouTube channel and a page on The Art Gear Guide, simply dedicated to all the excellent sources that I discovered, used and still use for help in learning the art of colored pencil  techniques and of course other mediums such as watercolor, acrylic, pastels etc. 

whilst creating this new playlist or page on The Art Gear Guide, although I am starting with Craftsy, I will also be covering other excellent tutorial services that I have personally used and am in a good position to offer advice on. However, I am not just referring to dedicated learning sites such as Craftsy, but also some amazing artists on YouTube who also offer tutorials. Ordinary people offering their years of experience in a video format to help others learn the art we have all become passionate about. However, this review is all about Craftsy, so lets get on with it.


The excellent thing about Craftsy right of the bat is that there is no monthly subscription, the only payments you make are the classes you purchase and even then they are one off payments. When you register for a Craftsy account and you have set up your account details, that is basically all you are required to do. You can then download the Craftsy App for your iOS device or Android device, however, you can also access Craftsy simply via the internet and their web site. 

Obviously I am showing people around the Craftsy format in relation to Art highlighting the drawing, colored pencil, watercolor or many other art related classes that are available, however it is worth noting, that Craftsy cater for so many craft related activities in the form of experts from their field, teaching you via video tutorials. Activities such as cooking, knitting, gardening, jewellery making, wood work, photography and so much more. Craftsy really is the one stop shop for creative individuals to learn more about their passion. 

Craftsy YouTube Video

My Craftsy YouTube review, guides you around how to purchase classes, how to access the classes once you have purchased them and all the other amazing features that you get when you purchase a class. 

As you search around the category you are interested in, which is art for the sake of this review, you will be welcomed by a wealth of high quality tutorials featuring highly respected and regarded tutors in their field. 

As soon as you see a class you are interested in, you are under no obligation to purchase that class and then discover that perhaps the class is not for you, all Craftsy classes have an in-depth review, highlighting exactly what you get in the class, what you are going to be drawing or creating, the materials you are going to use or alternatives and finally an excellent introduction to the tutor. 

Drawing Supplies

Class Materials

The video's are obviously the primary feature of the classes, however, other important materials that are included really help to ensure a successful class. Materials such as a hi definition reference images if needed, written detailed instructions that you can print out and help guide you through the process. 

Perhaps the most useful feature of all art classes is the fact you can submit your work and have the tutor critique what you have created. It is worth noting however that the tutors are not interested in verbally destroying your work at all. They are only interested in helping you to improve and gain confidence, so when you submit a piece, no mater how good or bad you think it may be, the tutor will professionally help you if needed

If you are not at the stage were you feel confident enough to actually post an image of your work, this is absolutely fine, there is no compulsory rule saying that you have to, but you can also simply post a question you may have regarding a particular area you are struggling with. Your tutor will then reply within 24 to 48 hours, but please take into consideration that some of the tutors may live on the other side of the world from you, in which case there may be a significant time difference, which is why allowing time for a response is vital. Again, as with submitting your work, always remember that the Craftsy tutors are there to help you gain confidence and refine your skills. 

Craftsy Conclusion 

Craftsy is an outstanding source for individuals seeking tutorials about a given passion they may have. The prices for the classes are excellent, they are one off payments and you are not locked into any fixed term contracts with. As soon as you purchase your chosen class, it is yours forever, to download onto your digital device or simply stream. 

Regarding the excellent pricing structure for the classes, remember what you are getting for that price, Hi Definition video tutorials to watch as often as you like wherever you like, unlimited questions to your tutor and there is no limit on how many times you can submit your work for critique, connection to other class members were you can share your work and become part of a community. Also, as if that wasn't enough, Craftsy are always adding offers on classes, knocking prices down. 

The over all quality of the classes is fantastic, from the picture quality to the help offered. Craftsy, in my opinion is one of the finest sources for artists of all skill levels and ages to become a member of and check out the amazing selection of classes on offer. As I show in my video, the classes I have purchased have really helped me and the tutors are outstanding, from Karen Hulls Portraiture class, Cynthia Knox's Realistic Textures and her awesome Vivid Flowers course, Adele Rossetti's excellent botanical class, Gemma Gylling's Pet Portraits to Kerry Brooks Radiant Portraits, Alan Wolletts Bird Portraits and of course not forgetting the beginners classes from Lisa Dinhofer and Susan Rubin. Each class will have an advised skill level associated with it, helping you estimate, along with the preview, if you are ready or not for that particular class. 

I hope this short insight into Craftsy has been helpful, if you have found it helpful or perhaps think you may know someone who would really enjoy becoming a member of Craftsy, please by all means share this post along with my video review. Thank you all so much for your continued support and if you would like to follow me on any of the Social Networking sites listed, just select the icon below. 

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