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Derwent Metallic Colored Pencils New And Improved

Derwent Metallic Colored Pencils New And Improved

Derwent Metallic Colored Pencils New And Improved

Derwent have such an extensive range of colored pencils in their art arsenal, among many other wonderful art supplies, but their pencil range in particular is so incredibly impressive. Derwent have lead the way in innovation when it comes to colored pencils and whilst I fully understand this is a bold statement to make, one that certainly requires explanation, I think it is accurate. Pencil ranges such as the Inktense, a water soluble pencil that releases ink onto the paper, Derwent’s Graphitint range and not to mention their beautiful Drawing range.

I know that many companies have created similar type pencils, but Derwent were most certainly the first to reach the public market with the Inktense, Graphitint etc. Another range that Derwent sported among this unique range is the Derwent Metallic Coloured Pencils. Not much has really been said about the Derwent Metallic range until recently and with good reason, however that is what I would like to discuss with you all in this review.

Almost every professional grade coloured pencil set on the market, especially the larger sets, come complete with two or three metallic pencils. Ordinarily you could expect to find a silver and gold metallic type pencil or more recently, certain sets provide a Bronze metallic pencil as well. From what I have been able to gather in the short three years I have been testing and reviewing art supplies and listening to my subscribers, not many people have ever really felt the need to use metallic pencils in such sets. I feel a lot of this was down to the pigments disbursed from such pencils when they were first placed among sets, however, in the last year or so, the improvement of the metallic type pigment has evident.

Derwent on the other hand have always had a full 12 set of pencils completely dedicated to the metallic look. This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the Metallic Range sat on Derwent’s shelves. However, this first set of Metallic pencils were also water soluble

Two Versions Of The Derwent Metallic Coloured Pencils.

Version One

The first set of metallic coloured pencils that Derwent Manufactured were water soluble and I personally feel there in lay the issues with the first set. Because the pencils were water soluble, I feel this type of core compromised the actual point of the pencil which was to deliver a shimmering metallic pigment on paper.

Derwent are not doing away with the Metallic water soluble set, this set is in addition to the new Metallic colored pencils, never the less, for me personally, the difference in end results is staggering.

Version Two

This year, 2019, Derwent released a new range of 12 metallic pencils. The set displayed the same colours, which I will explore further into the review, however, the pencil was completely reformatted, new ingredients, new external look to the pencil but more importantly, the pigments are most definitely metallic

The first thing to note is that the new Derwent Metallic Coloured Pencils are not water soluble, I am not suggesting that watercolor paints can’t produce metallic pigments, this is clearly not the case with one or two paint brands producing some of the most amazing metallic pigments, but I just think way back when Derwent first produced the water soluble metallic pencils, the ingredients just were not the same.

This new additional set of Metallic pencils is not necessarily a better set of pencils, just different in so much as the first set is water soluble and the new set is simply a traditional coloured pencil.

New Derwent Metallic Coloured Pencils Characteristics

The first version of the Metallic pencils that Derwent released sported a silver grey styled barrel, obviously to help indicate that the pencils were Metallic. With the new Derwent Metallic Pencils there is no mistaking the message that Derwent are trying to get across.

The barrel for the New Derwent Metallic Coloured Pencil displays a gorgeous rose gold coloured barrel and there really is no mistaking the metallic quality of the pencils. The barrels are 7.5mm in diameter, held within this striking rose gold barrel is an ample 3.5mm core.

Running along the barrel, from core to end, we are first presented with “Made in Britain” obviously indicating that Derwent is a British company, nestled in the heart of the most gorgeous Lake District area of England. Following this is printed “Derwent Metallic” which is the company name and pencil brand.

Finally there is a pigment name stamped on the barrel, along with a number which is to help for reordering individual pencils when needed. On the very end of the barrel, there is the iconic diagonal flash which also displays a visual representation of the pigment colour.

Although this review is primarily about the new Derwent Metallic pencils, I do want to make sure you are aware of the two versions just incase you are out and about and fancy purchasing a set of the Derwent Metallic.

As I mentioned, the first version of the Derwent Metallic Pencils sported a silver barrel, the barrel was hexagonal, exactly the same as the new Metallic pencils. Also on the barrel of the old Metallic pencils there is a metallic blue paintbrush icon, obviously depicting the fact the pencils are water soluble. The old water soluble version also has the pigment name and number printed on the barrel as well as the pigment identifier on the end.

New Derwent Metallic Coloured Pencil Sets Available

Initially, when Derwent released their Metallic Coloured Pencils, they appeared in a set of 12, this is true for the new version of the Metallic pencils, however, as always, Derwent have spiced things up a bit with regards to the new Metallic Pencils.

To help mark the 20th Anniversary of the Metallic range, Derwent has also released eight new pigments for the new Metallic range, this has manifested in a gorgeous presentation box set of 20 pencils. Obviously as well as the 20 set there is the traditional 12 set in a tin as well as the pencils all being sold in open stock format.

You can also purchase Blister Packs of 6 in the Derwent Metallic range and even if your Maths is as bad as mine, there are three different Blister Packs, which of course totals 18 colours, meaning if you chose to purchase the full range of 20 colours via this method, you will need to purchase the remaining two pigments open stock.

Derwent have also added a touch of class to this gorgeous set of Metallic pencils. Derwent have added a set comprising of 6 pencils and a Copper ruler. In addition to this they have also provided a pack of 6 pencils inset into a very stylish Copper block paper weight.

Both of these sets are to help mark the 20th Anniversary of the Metallic range and are Limited Editions, this means that they may only be available for a certain period of time, so if you would like to purchase a unique part of Derwent, that may be worth money in the future as a rare antique, now is the time to snap up these beautiful sets.

I would however just like to make my thoughts known on the paper weight and I am fully aware that I have not tested or even touched this product yet and so I shouldn’t really comment until such time. Never the less, despite the beauty of the paper weight, especially with the 6 Metallic pencils set in the weight, I feel that Derwent have over priced this one product, which I will mention in the section discussing the prices.

Derwent Metallic Lightfast Information

There is no lightfast information whatsoever regarding the Metallic range, I am going to go so far as to say that, due to the type of pigment and ingredient require to produce a Metallic coloured pencil, this prevents lightfast testing from taking place.

Derwent Metallic Coloured Pencil Performance

It has always been suggested or considered, in order to get the best from metallic coloured pencils, dark paper is preferable, so I have tested the pencils on a few different papers for you to see. I have tested them on black paper, Derwent White Watercolour Paper, Strathmore Tan Paper and Strathmore Grey Paper.

Derwent advertise the pencils as wax based pencils and I am sure by now you guys know how I feel about Wax and Oil based pencils, however, wax and creamy are the best ways of describing the new Derwent Metallic Coloured Pencils.

I couldn’t get over just how soft and creamy the core of the Metallic pencils were and I know readers and viewers of this review are going to ask “Softer and creamier than Prismacolor”? and I am going to reply “Absolutely”. The Derwent Coloursoft range are just as their name describes, colourful and beautifully soft, however whatever the ingredient mixture is for the Derwent Metallic pencils, Derwent should really consider using that formula for a 72 set of traditional coloured pencils, I seriously think they would be yet another huge hit for Derwent and their wonderful customers.

As you can see from the images, I have included some comparisons of the old Derwent Metallic Pencils against the New Derwent Metallic Coloured Pencils. On this particular demonstration, it is not for me to tell you which set look the more Metallic or vibrant, however, for me personally, I think the new ingredients are head and shoulders above the old.

Until recently, I have never been a fan of metallic coloured pencils, when I first purchased the metallic colored pencils, ie the old version, for my daughter a few years ago, I really didn’t take to them. I think that may have had as much to do with my own lack of creativity when deciding what pice of art to use them on. But with the introduction of this new range, a new passion has been lit in my art heart.

Derwent Metallic Pricing

The prices I have added in this section are the cheapest I could find on Amazon, I have also beside the prices included the RRP which can be found on the Derwent website, again which I will provide links back to Derwent Store direct from The Art Gear Guide.

UK Pricing

For the new set of 12 Derwent Metallic Coloured Pencils you can expect to pay approximately £17 on the Derwent Website the RRP is £19.66

The Blister packs of 6, of which there are three, a pack for Pastel Shades, Traditional Shades and Bright Shades all will cost approximately £8.60. On the Derwent Website the RRP is £9.85

For the new 20th Anniversary set consisting of the full 20 pigments, on the Derwent Website the RRP is £41. Perhaps due to how new this set is, I was unable to locate it on Amazon. This is also the case for the 72 Barrel set, Derwent supply for certain pencils, these barrels containing 72 pencils, the pigments are all duplicated three of four times depending on the overall set size, the RRP is £116.16 on the Derwent Website.

Finally the Anniversary gift packs, I was unable to locate them on Amazon, again probably due to how new they are, but on the Derwent Website, the Derwent Metallic Copper Ruler Set, comprising of 6 Metallic pencils and a 15cm Copper Ruler RRP is £25. The Derwent Metallic Copper Paperweight set consisting of 6 Metallic pencils and a small Copper Paperweight RRP is £49.99.

For me personally, I feel this Paperweight set, although incredibly beautiful is incredibly over priced, however, as with so many things, this is a new item on the Derwent Website and I am sure the price will drop over time.

US Pricing

Unfortunately due to how new this range of pencils are, I was unable to locate any set on Amazon US, so you are more than welcome to select the Derwent Website links above in the UK Price guide. Of course as and when more sets become available on Amazon US I will add links.

For the 12 set of Derwent Metallic Coloured Pencils in the US you can expect to pay $25 The only other set I was able to find on Amazon US was the Derwent Metallic Copper Ruler set which you can expect to pay approximately $28 for.

EU Pricing

Unfortunately the same is true for Europe as is the case for the US, due to how new the sets are I was unable to locate the full range of Metallic Colored Pencil sets. However, as time moves on and the sets become more popular I will of course update the website. It is for this very reason that I add pricing on my written review as opposed to simply mentioning the pricing on my YouTube videos.


Whilst I am not a huge fan of metallic colored pencil and really not a fan of the Derwent Water Soluble Metallic Colored Pencils, the new Derwent Metallic Colored Pencil have really turned my head in the direction of the metallic pigment.

I think my only restriction for the Derwent Metallic Coloured Pencils is my own lack of imagination, I have never really been able to visualise a subject matter that I could use exclusively metallic pigments on, then I take a look around Instagram or Pinterest and find some of the most amazing imaginative beautiful works of art using only Derwent’s Metallic range.

the pencils themselves are beautiful to look at, they glide or rather spread like cream across the paper as the core touches the surface. The core of the Derwent Metallic Coloured Pencils is simply gorgeous and as I mentioned earlier in this review, whatever the formula used to create the Derwent Metallic range, I would love to se the same set of ingredients used for a brand new soft cored Derwent pencil. I know the Coloursoft is soft and gorgeous, but the core of the Metallic range really is quite special.

The fact that Derwent have also added a further 8 pigments to help mark the 20th Anniversary of this exclusive range, really does make the range all the more attractive. You can check out my YouTube video review of the Derwent Metallic range to help give you a deeper understanding of the product.

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