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Spectrum Noir Metallic Markers

Spectrum Noir Metallic Markers

Spectrum Noir Metallic Markers

Ordinarily, I am not a huge fan of metallic markers or colored pencils, a few that I have tried in the past have simply been dark yellow passing for gold or grey passing for silver. However, more recently, during my reviews, I have started to come across one or two pretty nice metallic supplies, I am not sure if something has changed in the industry with regards to this or if the companies have just got better, whatever the change, this fantastic set of metallic markers from Spectrum Noir fall into this category. 

I have completed quite a few reviews of Spectrum Noir's products and I am completely in awe at the rapid pace they have been releasing new products, not just any product, high quality products; both aimed at crafters and artists alike. In particular I personally am a huge fan of their marker sets and vast range of coloured pencils.

Spectrum Noir Metallic Marker Sets

The set of metallic markers are not just what you might at first imagine metallic colors to be, Gold, Silver and Bronze. These are the most common shades in any metallic set, however, Spectrum Noir have extended this typical line to include 12 metallic shades altogether. 

There is two sets of 6, obviously totalling 12 shades altogether. The first of the 6 pack markers is perhaps the most expected when you imagine metallic colors, Gold Plate, Gold Nugget, Silver Ingot, Pewter, Burnished Bronze and Antique Bronze, this set is called "Precious Metals". You can of course see me demonstrate these colors over on my YouTube video demonstrating all 12 of the markers, as well as the still images I have placed here on the written review. 

The second set of 6 Spectrum Noir Metallic Markers are gorgeous and really different, they are not your typical metallic colors, with that being said, when applied to either dark paper or plain white paper they look amazing, but more on that later. The colors in the second set, which is called "Rare Minerals" are, Green Citrine, Jade Green, Blue Topaz, Amethyst, Pink Quartz and Red Garnet. 

Spectrum Noir Metallic Marker Characteristics

The characteristic of the Spectrum Noir Metallic Markers is quite minimalist. The barrel is a slender round construction and incredibly well weighted, the Spectrum Noir Metallic pens feel really natural in the hand. 

With the pens being dual tipped, obviously on either side of the barrel is a lid colored according to the ink held within the barrel. To make finding the nib you require easy, clear brush and bullet nib icons have been printed on the relevant end of the barrel. 

Along the side of the dark graphite colored barrel is printed in clear silver, the company name "Spectrum Noir", closely followed by the brand of pen, which in this case is "Metallic". A simple, clean line divides this information with the actual pigment color of the pen. Other than the information mentioned, the pens are minimalistic and stylish in appearance and would look well on any artists studio desk. 

Spectrum Noir Metallic Marker Pens Performance

I have made no secret of the fact that I have never really been a huge fan of metallic coloring pencils, markers, pens etc, for the most part, at least in my experience, the metallic golds always look like dirty yellows, the silvers like light greys and if they dare to place a bronze in the pack, they normally look like off browns. That is until recently in some of the other sets I have reviewed and these Spectrum Noir Metallic Marker Pens and edging me ever closer to the metallic light. 

The ink flow from the markers is remarkable, incredibly smooth coverage, consistent and deliciously moist. The maker nibs, both the brush and the bullet nib, deliver different variations of line width and precision, allowing for a wide range of uses for the pens. 

Line art, calligraphy, lettering, journalling, colouring books, illustration, card making are all just a few of the activities the Spectrum Noir Metallic Marker Pens would be ideal for. These pens are a crafters dream, delivering all the versatility and class that one can muster. Crafters who make birthday cards, Christmas cards and wedding cards should absolutely have at least one set if not both in their arsenal. 

Obviously, with the inks being metallic, darker styled papers and cards really help to highlight the real beauty of these pens. I have included a swatch of the twelve colors on both black and white paper, however, on my video demonstration, I also included a few of the metallic colors on some Strathmore Toned Tan paper, to see simply follow the link. 

Spectrum Noir Metallic Marker Pen Pricing

Unfortunately, there are only 12 pens in total, two sets of 6 as I mentioned in the paragraph covering the sets. 

Here in the UK, for the set of metallic markers pens called "Precious Metals", that is the Gold, Silver, Bronze etc, you will pay £9 and for the second set of metallic markers, "Rare Minerals", the Blue Topaz, Pink Quartz, Amethyst etc, you will pay £10. Of course the prices will vary however these are the cheapest prices I could find at the time of writing this review. I always update the prices and links as and when cheaper prices become available on Amazon. 

For prices in the US, at the time of writing this review I could only find an offer for both sets combined, both the Rare Minerals and Precious metals. The price for both 6 packs is $32. I will of course change pricing as and when it becomes available. 

In Europe, for the Rare Minerals set of 6 Spectrum Noir Metallic Pens, you will pay €14 and for the Precious Metals set of 6 Spectrum Noir Metallic Pens you will pay €14. 


I am slowly, but definitely coming to a completely different outlook on metallic art supplies, the Spectrum Noir Marker Pens that I have reviewed here for you, I think has been the final push toward the bright metallic light of metallic art supplies. 

All 12 of the markers deliver a beautiful coverage of ink, when light touches the pigments, the metallic element of the pigment becomes all the more noticeable, as the same is true when the Spectrum noir Metallic marker pens are laid down darker paper. In the examples I have shown, the black paper really shows off the pens. 

I personally feel the pigment and style of these pens lend them so incredibly well to Crafters, those who produce intricate and beautiful wedding stationary, cards etc. The same I feel is true for the colourists among us, who create amazing art from within the pages of adult coloring books. 

Don't forget you can also see my YouTube video demonstration of these Spectrum Noir Metallic Marker Pens by simply following the link. I haven't created any art with these pens however I have explained why within the video review.  


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