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Studio Tour 2018 & Up Coming Review Supplies

Studio Tour 2018 & Up Coming Review Supplies

Studio Tour 2018 & Up Coming Review Supplies

About this time last year I uploaded a studio tour, well, more of just a desk tour, I draw and write in the corner of my livingroom or on the sofa or in my bed, wherever my back will allow. However quite a lot has changed since my last setup tour and I thought it was about time for an update. Also in this video I have given you a little peek at some of the products I will be reviewing over the coming months, I have kept back a few to keep secret though. 

For the younger viewers watching my video and thinking, "how on earth can he afford all of those art supplies", let me explain. First of all I am 44 years of age, I don't drink alcohol, not because I don't want to but because I can't, my medication just will not permit it, nor do I smoke, I never have. So any money I have left over after my children rob me blind, I spend on art supplies. 

My passions used to be sport based, I used to run at least ten miles a day in the Army, play football, boxed, was a Thai Boxer, loved cycling, skied for the Army, was incredibly passionate about rock climbing and abseiling as well as parachuting. I loved taking part in Triathlons in the Army and loads of other sports but I can't do a single one of them anymore and it kills me. I feel at times like my life is a prison, in that I am caged up in a broken body, so art is all I have and all I spend whatever money I get on.

Although I have purchased the vast majority of these art supplies myself, I have also been sent quite a lot of supplies from companies asking me to review them, which I am incredibly grateful for and understand just how lucky I am to have this honour. These companies entrust my opinion on their products which are so important to them. I also get donations from a lot of my viewers and when this happens, any art supplies I buy with that money, after I have reviewed them I either give them away as giveaways back to the community, or I give them to a women's refuge centre which is close by where I live. This was actually my wife's idea, to give any such supplies to the children and teenagers that are also subjected to these terrible conditions that their mothers are. It is not much but the art supplies help the kids pass the time for both the Mums and the kids. I wish I could do more to help such families, who knows, maybe one day I will. But my wife takes the supplies along to the centre with my youngest daughter, I do not go as I do not want any of the women to feel frightened or alarmed at a males presence, after all, they are in this situation as a result of a gutless man unable to control his emotions and temper, and it makes me sick to the core, the thought of a man beating a women or child. 

So that being said, it takes time to build up a collection like this, you will find all artists who have large collections of supplies have built it all up over a period of years as is the case with me. I am not a rich man, far from it, we have very little money, but I'd rather spend my money on something that brings me joy and happiness but does not take anything away from my wife or kids. So hang in there and just buy a few new supplies each month or every other month and before you know it, you will be looking at a collection that allows you to create all day long. 

With the exception of the art supplies yet to have been reviewed, all the others that I personally use on a day to day bases, I have links below to the reviews I have done of them. So if you see a particular product in the video that you like the look of, you can click the link and watch my review of that product or read my written review and go from there. I have also included the link to Emma's Coloured Pencil Shop for all your open stock coloured pencil needs. She ships all over the world, though is based here in the UK and the service is amazing. 

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