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Caran D'Ache Pablo Review

Before I begin with my review of the Caran D'Ache Pablo colored pencil, I'd just like to say how honoured and privileged I am on becoming the new review columnist for "COLORED PENCIL Magazine". I'd like to say a huge thank you to Sally Robertson, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine for taking me under her wing and helping guide me along this new adventure and also to Sally's husband for his help.

Lyra Polycolor

When I was asked by a viewer of my YouTube channel to review the Lyra Polycolor, I was secretly excited. Of course I knew about the Lyra, well... of their existence, but I had never really considered them as an addition to my already growing collection of fine coloured pencil, so this was an excuse to get them, however, I have since discovered this was an incredibly snooty outlook. This is my review of the Lyra Polycolor Colored Pencils.

Derwent Artists Coloured Pencil Review

To find out more about Derwent as a company, you can click on the links and either read my own personal review on the company or check out Derwent's own web site. In this post I am going to review the first ever coloured pencil set that I purchased for myself. At the time, I only really knew about Prismacolour, due to the fact I had been watching so many videos on YouTube about drawing, the vast majority of which were American artists.

Iron Maiden Book Of Souls Eddie

Ordinarily when I draw something new, I simply add it to my gallery and write a small blurb underneath it, however, for the first time, I am actually really pleased with the way this drawing has turned out, and so have added it to my blog.