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Thinnest Battery Eraser - Tihoo Battery Eraser

Thinnest Battery Eraser - Tihoo Battery Eraser

Thinest Battery Eraser - Tihoo Battery Eraser

This is quite a short review however still a relevant review hopefully bringing to your attention an awesome product that all colored pencil artists should keep in their arsenal.

A while ago I seen a fantastic colored pencil artist use a battery operated eraser, which so many of us colored pencil enthusiasts know about and love, however this product was slightly different. As I have mentioned, most colored pencil artists will have a battery eraser in their tool set, this is not a tool for getting rid of mistakes, but rather for helping the artist to create certain effects within their art.

Ordinarily when I compile a review I keep to just the one product, the only time I feature other products is in my comparison videos, however in this review I have added a few other products but not for comparison purposes. Each of the products featured in this review are excellent and serve their purpose, I have only added them in this review to help illustrate the beauty behind the battery eraser on review and also just how well all these products work together.

Most of us will have heard of or used the Derwent Battery Eraser, this is a must have tool for so many colored pencil artists. the product holds a 5mm cylindrical eraser and combined with the powerful motor inside the device, this gives the colored pencil artist the precision required to create highlights within their work. After adding layer upon layer of colored pencil, the batter operated eraser allows the artist to lift layers in a specific fashion helping them to create the desired effect.

The next vital tool in this review is the TomBow Mono eraser, which although is not a battery operated eraser, it is probably the thinest eraser on the market weighing in at 2.3mm. Again this tool provides the artist with the precision required to remove pigment in order to create desired effects, however due to the fact this is no batter operated, less layers can be lifted which of course can give the artist more control on certain projects.

The Tihoo Bettery Eraser, which is the main focus of this review offers the best of both worlds for colored pencil artists. The over all design of the Tihoo Battery Eraser is very pen like, which immediately provides familiarity when using it.

The length of the Tihoo Battery Eraser is approximately the same as a colored pencil, however considerably thicker. The barrel of the eraser houses two AAA batteries which are inserted into the device from the rear as illustrated below.

to activate the eraser, there is a push button along the side of the device, place approximately where your index finger would rest naturally when using a pen or pencil to write, which makes activating and using the Tihoo Battery eraser an incredibly natural process.

the unique thing about this eraser over some other battery erasers is that the erasers used by the device are interchangeable and comes with 2.3mm and 5mm cylindrical erasers. I have of course provided a video review of the Tihoo Battery Eraser which shows you exactly how to change the erasers in the device and of course the effects that can be achieved.

The Tihoo Battery Eraser comes with a grey plastic sheath which allows the artist to house the 2.3mm erasers and a metallic sheath to house the 5mm eraser, both are very quick and easy to change and within seconds you can change eraser sizes. I would however say that if you struggle with any disability of the hand or wrist, you might find the changing of erasers a little bit challenging due to the small sizes you are dealing with.

To help demonstrate the power and precision of the Tihoo Battery Eraser I have tested it on four different colored pencil brands, the Derwent Lightfast, Caran d’Ache Luminance, Faber Castell Polychromos and Prismacolor. All four pigments have had a heavy application layered on some 140ld Hot Pressed Watercolor Paper.

The tests carried out in this demonstration are perhaps best viewed by watching the YouTube video demonstration I have included. Alternatively you can clearly see from the image below the effects the Tihooo Battery Eraser provides on all four colored pencil pigments.

Tihoo Battery Eraser Pricing

One of the really fantastic things about this amazing little product is the price, which can only be a good thing, us artists always have to watch the pennies and make sure we are picking up bargains where we can.

Here in the UK, to purchase the Tihoo Battery Eraser it will cost you £8.99, this includes 10 spare 2.3mm erasers and 12 5mm spare erasers. The batteries are not included with this device, I tried to find a set were the batteries were part of the price but I was unable to do so.

In the US, the Tihoo Battery Eraser with the same package as the one above will cost you approximately $6.99

In Europe you can also find the Tihoo Battery Eraser with the same package as above and will cost you approximately €4.58

Tihoo Battery Eraser Conclusion

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, although I have added two other products to this review, it is not really for comparison purposes as all three of the products in this review are excellent and all serve their own needs which all colored pencil artists need.

The Tihoo Battery eraser however, which is the main focus of the review is a fabulous little tool for any colored pencil artist to have in their arsenal. The 2.3mm eraser combined with the power of the battery operated motor gives the artists excellent control and precision within their work.

I have only had the Tihoo Battery Eraser for a few weeks and already I have had to buy another one as my eldest daughter stole mine. In the short period I have been using the Tihoo, the batteries are still going strong and their is no power loss whatsoever in the motor.

Derwent Lightfast 100 Set v Caran d'Ache Luminance 76 Set

Derwent Lightfast 100 Set v Caran d'Ache Luminance 76 Set