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Iron Man, Thor and Captain America Art With Arteza Everblend Markers

Iron Man, Thor and Captain America Art With Arteza Everblend Markers

Ironman, Thor and Captain America Art With Arteza Everblend Markers

When I returned from our holiday a week or so ago, as always is the case, I needed to get the markers out and draw something colourful. This was not in line with a review per-say, although I did use the gorgeous Arteza Everblend Markers which I recently reviewed. I just simply wanted to splash as much color as I could on paper and get my art fix, quick.

I found this wonderful image on Pinterest of Thor’s Hammer, Captain Americas shield and Ironman’s helmet, it was perfect for my needs the only problem I have is I still don’t know the original artists name. I contacted the user who posted the image on Pinterest, but they were not the original artist, so I am still lost. Before I go into how I drew the image, it is important to note the concept is not mine, I am not the original artist and if anyone does know the original artist, could you please let me know so I can credit them on this post.

The Bad News

First the heartbreaking bad news, I recorded the process all the way through as I always do, however, on moving the video files to Final Cut Pro, once the upload had finished I deleted the original files of my SD Card but when I returned to Final Cut Pro to edit the files, the files were corrupted and I lost everything. Not many things in life make we almost cry, but this did, if you have had this happen, you will know exactly how I felt. Looking back now I can just about muster a smirk, it might take a year or so before I can laugh about it, but it is just tooooooooooo soon lol.

Thankfully the images I take of my art work came out fine and so I am still able to provide this list of images depicting the process from start to finish. Not quite a speed drawing but I hope you will still be able to see the drawing come to life via these images.

Supplies Used

Any way, I completed the work on Xpress-it blending card, which I am growing more and more fond of every time I use it. When sketching out the original drawing I used the grid method, something I have not really done before, I normally just draw what I see and not use any aids, but as there was a bit of perspective involved in this work, I wanted to get it right.

I sketched the drawing out using my graphite mechanical and clutch pencils, once this process was completed I outlined some parts of the drawing using my Copic Multi-liners. Once this was completed I moved on to getting down as much gorgeous color with my Arteza Everblend Markers. I finished off any detail with my Arteza Colored Pencils, again I have completed a full review of the Arteza Colored Pencils if you are interested in learning more about them.

As I mentioned, I have already completed an in-depth review of the Arteza Everblend Markers, however, almost ever marker artist I have spoke to, say they love the markers as well. For me personally, mixed media is my preferred art method, markers and colored pencils

If you are interested in the Arteza Everblend Markers, check out my review and they come in sets of 60 and 120. Both sets are amazing value but to have a 120 markers at the price Arteza are selling them at is just phenomenal. If you would like to see a speed drawing of me using the Arteza Markers, when I completed my review I also completed a speed drawing of the Lion King which you can see here.

Disney's The Lion King With Arteza Everblend Markers

Disney's The Lion King With Arteza Everblend Markers