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Laughing Batman

After trying to get a lot of reviews written out, thanks to my poor daughter who a lot of the time types while I talk if I am in to much pain, I just wanted to do a very simple drawing with my Stylefile Markers.

DC The Flash And Zoom

I love combining marker and colored pencil mediums, the markers allow for a rich underpainting with the ability to deliver soft gradient and remarkable flesh tones. The colored pencil then allows you to achieve the detail required to make the drawing as life like or as close to the original as possible. 

DC Superhero Girls

My youngest daughter loves, Wonder Women, Harley Quinn, Super Girl and all the other awesome female superhero's we have today. I was asking my kids for something to draw as I occasional just run out of ideas to try and DC Superhero Girls was mentioned. 


So another one of my projects. I originally seen this drawing on an awesome artists Instagram site called Stephen Ward and so I decided to have ago myself. One of the biggest problems I face with drawing is portraiture. The reasonI chose this particular image was due to the fact that it is only half a face.