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Derwent Botanical Test

I am frequently ask which pencil is better than the other and I love answering these types of questions, it allows me the ability to start a conversation about pencils, which I love. As a result I decided to start an entirely new video series completely dedicated to comparing art supplies.

Beatrix Potters Peter Rabbit

I was so honoured and excited to receive a set of the Derwent Lightfast Coloured Pencils in advance, quite a bit before their official release date. With the pencils I decided as this was quite a momentous occasion for Derwent, I would try to create a piece of art with meaning to the company and in essence the pencils. 

Botanical Colored Pencil Art Derwent ProColour

Since the announcement of these new pencils from Derwent, there has been a lot of worry that Derwent are doing away with a pencil line in order to make way for the new range, I can tell you now with good authority that this is absolutely not the case. The new Derwent Lightfast are simply an addition to an already amazing range of pencils to fulfil any artists thirst for creativity.