PanPastel Botanical Speed Drawing

After having the privilege of testing and demonstrating this fantastic medium, PanPastels, I decided to have a go at some botanical art. Originally I did try to paint a bird however as this was my very first time using PanPastels, I thought I was being a bit ambitious and half way through the painting changed to something a bit simpler.

Arteza Brush Pens Botanical Art

I was incredibly fortunate to have been asked by Arteza to review their excellent Brush Pens, among other products of theirs. With the Arteza Brush Pens, I really wanted to try my best and show them in the best light I could.

Peter Rabbit Derwent Lightfast Pencils

The wait is finally over but boy has it been worth it, Derwent have done it again and in my opinion are one of the hardest working companies with regards to pleasing their customers, listening to what they want and trying their very best to deliver. 

Thanos Infinity War

This is my speed drawing of Thanos from Marvel’s Infinity War Movie. I watched this movie with my son and wanted to try and draw it using as many of my art supplies as I could. I hope you enjoy and please comment below.

Arteza Colored Pencil Speed Drawing Of Pomegranates

Arteza is a relatively new company, with respect to some of the more well known colored pencil companies, which makes my findings in this review all the more remarkable. The price point of the Arteza Colored Pencils will also be a major focus in this review as I personally find the quality of the pencils and the price point unbelievable

Faber Castell Classic Colour Speed Drawing Of Disney's Dory

Recently I reviewed Faber Castell’s Classic Color, a range of colored pencils that are actually marketed toward children, however, throughout my review I discovered that these pencils are more worthy of a student grade classification due to their excellent quality. Never the less I demonstrate the pencils in the form of this very quick and simple drawing of Disney’s Dory from Finding Nemo. I hope you enjoy it.

Lyra Aquarell Botanical Speed Drawing

I had the absolute pleasure of review the Lyra Aquarell Colored Pencils and with them I created a simple illustration, mainly to show just how far a few watercolor pencils can go and the type of work that can be achieved. 

Hulk Vs Hulkbuster Speed Drawing Stylefile Markers

This review as you can see is of the new Faber Castell Goldfaber colored pencils. I had a lot of fun with these pencils and put them through their paces, I was really surprised at just how well they performed given that they are a student grade pencil. I know that they are Faber Castell and Faber Castell always produce high quality products, but I was taken back by how nice they performed.

Derwent ProColour Botanical Art

In the light of Derwent releasing in July of this year their much anticipated Derwent Lightfast colored pencils, I have decided to create this botanical piece using the amazing Derwent ProColour along with the Derwent Black And White range on my favourite paper of all time the Strathmore 500 Series Bristol Plate

Stabilo Original Speed Drawing Of Pinocchio

This is just a very simple drawing I have done using the Stabilo Original Colored Pencils as a way of demonstrating how bright and vibrant the colors are. I absolutely loved using the Stabilo Original pencils and think they are such an underrated pencil, hopefully this review will boost the profile of them a little bit. 

Spirited Away Anime With Spectrum Noir Aqua Markers

I recently received the full set of Aqua Markers from Spectrum Noir, I decided to try two paintings, one was a botanical piece which I love doing with watercolor, or rather its all I can do and the other was this Spirited Away image from the popular Anime. 

Iron Man Speed Drawing

Caran d'Ache have been running a competition over the past week or so asking for artists to draw an original superhero. At first the instructions of the competition were a bit unclear, at least I picked them up wrong.