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Colored Pencil Storage

Colored Pencil Storage

Colored Pencil Storage 

Colored Pencil Storage 

Since I very first got into colored pencil art, I have been on the lookout constantly for a colored pencil storage system, somewhere I can keep my expensive colored pencils safe, in a particular order and not have to set them up and put them away, every time I want to draw.

Over the year or so that I have been in love with colored pencils, I, like so many others hooked on the thrill and excitement of this wonderful medium, have used all sorts of systems to keep our pencils safe and accessible, however, in my opinion, none come close to the Robax Engineering Colored Pencil Plastic Tray Storage System. 

Robax Engineering

Robax are a US based company and I think they will become known as the saviours of colored pencil artists. However, it is worth mentioning that they don't just cater to the wooden stick society of artists, they also manufacture amazing palettes for painters. 

Of course, I am not here to let you know about palettes, I am here to inform you of Robax's outstanding colored pencil storage system. There are other colored pencil storage systems on the market, most of which are drawers and primarily designed for Pastels. They look nice andstore your pencils safely, however, I personally feel that this system I will be reviewing today by Robax is superior on a few levels. 

Plastic Tray's For Colored Pencils

The entire colored pencil storage system is made up from a series of high quality plastic stacking trays. The trays and system can all be purchased individually or as a unit, each tray can hold 30 pencils and to purchase a single tray, as of the date I am writing this review, will cost you $8, which I happen to think is an amazing price. 

I have seen images on Pinterest, were people have purchased just the trays and used them to store pencils among their own designed system, some of which look fantastic. 

Robax of course have deals available should you wish to by a certain package or the entire colored pencil storage system. To purchase 4 trays, this will cost you $28. In order to stack the trays safely and securely, a new light weight plastic base stand has been added to the system, not only making the over all unit lighter, but also making delivery charges, outside America especially, a lot cheaper. The base stand on its own only costs $18. 

However, without a doubt, the best deal is the eight tray colored pencil storage system. This is considered one full storage system in my opinion and consists of the plastic base stand and eight plastic trays. This entire system will only cost you $70 and with an overall weight of 1lb 6oz, delivery charges will be minimal regardless of where you live. 

How Many Pencils

As previously mentioned, a single tray will hold a maximum of 30 pencils, meaning, if you purchase the full eight tray colored pencil storage system, you will have a combined storage until of 240 pencils. 

This is a fantastic amount of pencils in one storage system however the best is yet to come. Ordinarily, 240 pencils on your desk would be taking up quite an area, however, with the Robax Colored Pencil Storage System and it's stacking design, the actual desk area taken up is a tidy 13 inches by 12 inches for the base and approximately 8 inches tall with eight trays stacked. 

You can of course add more than 8 trays to the system, however it will eventually get to a toppling stage the higher it gets. If you are interested in adding more than 8 trays to the system rather than purchasing two systems should you desire more than 240 colored pencils storing, there is a wooden based system. 

The only difference in the wooden based system is the stand, it still takes the same plastic trays, only being a little bit larger, it can indeed accept more that 8 trays without toppling. The links I have supplied will take you to both storage systems. 

A Superior Storage System

For me personally, these are the features and points that I feel make the Robax colored pencil storage system superior. As you can see from the images, your pencils are completely safe and protected. Although this is a stacking system, the trays stack completely independently from the pencils, in other words, the trays are not resting on the pencils and are stacked using the plastic ridges along the side. 

The pencils are always available, there is not setting up or pulling out drawers to place all over your desk and stretch over them to get the colored pencil you need. They are all there, right in front of you, all the time, eagerly awaiting you to start creating your art. I hear from so many artists that preparing to create art can sometimes take the fun out of the process. With the Robax colored pencil storage system, all you have to do is a one time setup, arranging the pencils as you feel fit and from that point on, they are always simply there waiting to be used. 

Depending on how your display your pencils, the storage system can actually be a thing of beauty sat on your desk. I don't know a single colored pencil enthusiast that doesn't love the image of a colored pencil rainbow. This is exactly what you get with the Robax Engineering Plastic tray system. 

As I have mentioned in my YouTube video review of this system, the top tray can be left void of pencils and used as a general storage tray for items such as erasers, sharpeners, rulers etc, all the tools that a colored pencil artist will use. This is another beautiful feature of this system, you can arrange it how you like.  

For international citizens looking to have one of these wonderful systems shipped to you, Robax have very kindly made this process pain free and simple, follow this link and you will be taken to the Robax international site 

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