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Spectrum Noir Graphic Marker

Spectrum Noir Graphic Marker

Spectrum Noir Graphic Marker

quite a while ago, Spectrum Noir sent me a few sets of their amazing Illustrator markers which I have reviewed both here on The Art Gear Guide and over on my YouTube Channel, to find out more on the Illustrator Markers, simply follow the links. 

A short while after the release of the Illustrator markers, Spectrum Noir and Crafters Companion the parent company, released the Graphic Markers. I have had the privilege once again to use and review these markers and show you what they are capable of. 


For a long time, Copic markers have been the benchmark for alcohol based markers, then, many companies tried to replicate them but at a cheaper price point. For a while none of the cheaper Copic replicas came close, however, the gap is closing, if not fully closed and with both the Spectrum Noir Illustrator and Graphic markers, the gap has definitely been closed in my opinion. 

I have used the Graphic markers now for a month or two and used them on a art piece which I will be showing further into the review. I have used them together with the Illustrator markers, just to ensure that they play well together and they absolutely do. Blending, mixing and layering are effortless with both markers combined. 

Spectrum Noir Graphic Marker Barrel 

The first thing to notice about the Spectrum Noir Graphic marker is the different colour of the barrel in comparison to the illustrator, with the Illustrator a light grey and the Graphic a darker grey  which is excellent in aiding the artist to immediately distinguish between both markers.

With the Graphic marker, one of the nibs is really quite unique. Unlike the Illustrator, the Graphic sports a broad chisel type nib at one end of the pen. On the other end, I was originally under the impression that the second nib was a fine detail nib, something along the lines as a bullet nib. 

There is no doubt that the second nib is a fine detail instrument, however, unlike any other nib I've personally seen on a marker. It's not like the traditional bullet nibs but more like a much smaller brush nib, a smaller version of the luxurious brush marker on the Illustrator. This is such a versatile nib and one I am absolutely in love with, the detail established is perfect, as is the larger area filling ability. 

As a marker enthusiast, with a collection of both Spectrum Noir Illustrator Markers and Graphic Markers, you have everything you need and more. Both of these fine markers cater to all types of art styles and artists. Those who prefer brush nibs are covered, those who prefer chisel nibs are covered and those who enjoy the intricacies of a bullet or fine detail nib are also covered. 

Barrel Information

Along one of the hexagonal sides is the markers name "Graphic" followed by the company name "Spectrum Noir". One either side of the print is the icon images indicating the type of nib present on that end. 

In the case of the Graphic marker, on the side of the small brush nib, as I prefer to call it, there is a thin light gray band circling the barrel between where the cap closes and meets the barrel. This is to make identifying the small brush nib, without the need to remove the caps. 

On both caps, the colour name is clearly printed and below that is an alphanumerical code which corresponds to the colour should you need to purchase it open stock. 

Spectrum Noir Graphic Sets

The set format for the Graphic markers is very similar to that of the Illustrator, there are four sets of twelve markers and eight sets of six markers. My only issue with the Illustrator marker and it was small, was the lack of red's, however that has absolutely been addressed with the Graphic and as the two marks go hand in hand, this makes for an amazing colour range. 

The four twelve sets are as follows, Textiles, Designs, Cityscape and Industrial. Spectrum Noir sent me the Cityscape and Industrial, which include the most amazing colours, however, it is in the Textiles and Design sets that you will find some of the most desirable reds. I plan on purchasing some more sets with reds in them and create another art piece. 

The sets of six are as follows, Basics, Hues, Tints, Tones, Neutral, Portrait, Earth and Essentials. The one thing I would like to address about both the Illustrator and Graphic sets is the outstanding range of skin tone colours. All too often I read or hear from other marker enthusiasts complaining about a lack of skin tones,  this is absolutely not the case with Spectrum Noir, their skin tone range is superb. 


The pricing of these amazing markers is perhaps the most astonishing aspect of them, considering their excellent smooth coverage, their outstanding range of colour and their superb choice of nibs, the Spectrum Noir Graphic and Illustrator markers are incredibly reasonable. 

Here in the UK, for a set of the 12 markers, you will pay anything from £20 to £25, working out at approximately £2 a marker give or take. For the set of 6 markers you will pay from £11 to £15. I am sure when people look at these prices, some may think because they are so inexpensive that they are terrible quality, this is absolutely not the case, in fact, I would say buy as many of these Spectrum Noir Graphic and Illustrator markers as you can before they realise that they should be selling the markers for at least £4 a pen.

In the US, prices are pretty similar, any of the twelve set's will cost you between $23 and $28. With the sets of six markers, in the US prices come in at $11 to $17. 

R2D2 Art Work With Spectrum Noir Graphic Markers

As you can see from the drawing I completed using only Spectrum Noir Graphic markers and some of their excellent Spectrum Noir ColourBlend pencils which I also have a review on, the blending of the markers is outstanding. Looking at the metallic areas of R2D2, this is accomplished gently blending greys and blues to create this effect. If the markers did not blend well, this effect would be impossible to pull off. 


As with the Spectrum Noir Illustrator markers, I highly recommend these amazing Graphic Markers. As a marker enthusiast, any artist lucky enough to own the complete set of both markers will want for nothing. They will be able to achieve any style of marker art, reach the smallest most delicate job and have at their finger tips an amazing colour palette. 

With a combined colour selection of 192 markers and the four variations of nibs, the Spectrum Noir are, in my opinion, an absolutely outstanding art supply and a must have for any marker artist or crafter.

Thank you so much for stopping by The Art Gear Guide and lending your support, for which I am eternally grateful. Don't forget, you can check out my YouTube channel for a video review of the Spectrum Noir Graphic markers and you can also follow me on any of the social media platforms linked below. To be kept informed of new reviews and art pieces, subscribe to our Newsletter and if you enjoy our YouTube video reviews then please subscribe to the channel.   


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