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Derwent Mechanical Pencil

Derwent Mechanical Pencil

The New Derwent Precision Mechanical Pencil

Derwent Mechanical Pencil. 

Derwent have been extremely busy over the past year or so and we as consumers are about to bare all the fruits of their labour. Let me be a bit more specific, Derwent have been working on a few new products of which I am incredibly honoured to have been allowed access to, for review purposes. I don't want to get ahead of myself, so we will take it one new product at a time.  

No Toe Dipping For Derwent

I guess people might wonder why Derwent are bringing a Mechanical pencil to join their already vast range of graphite wood barrelled, I thought the same myself when I first heard. However, after a few minutes thinking, it definitely makes sense and here is why I think so. 

Graphite artists love their wood barrelled pencils, with a vast range of graphite hardness and softness cores, but may artists, including technical drawing professionals, love the precision a mechanical pencil gives them and with that, Derwent had never catered to this group, until now. 

Derwent however, are not just dipping their toes into this market, gauging how things are going to play out, no, they are going all in and have produced a thing of beauty in my opinion. I have actually spoke to Derwent about this product and feel their price point for the mechanical pencil is crazy and I mean crazy cheap, for what you get. 

Market Research 

When I received the mechanical pencil from Derwent, along with the pricing and other information, I started to search about eBay, Amazon and other art supply stores for similar mechanical pencils at a similar price point. Needless to say, like for like, I was unable to find a single mechanical pencil. 

So what is so awesome about this pencil, what is it about this Derwent mechanical pencil that makes it stand out from the rest in a similar price range. Well lets get into the review. 

Derwent Precision Packaging. 

Derwent Precision Mechanical Pencil Features.

Before I take the pencil out of the package, it is clear to see, before a single inspection of the product, what makes this stand out among the others in this price point. First of all the packaging itself is a plain giveaway, the vast majority of mechanical pencils in this spectrum come in a loose stock format. 

Next, at the bottom of the packaging you get three extra end cap erasers, making it a total of four erasers with this pencil. Finally, you are given 15 extra graphite cores. The unique thing about this, is that, some mechanical pencils will come with a few extra cores, tucked away in the barrel of the pencil, however, with the "Derwent Precision", the cores come in their own plastic case. This is normally the format you purchase replacement cores when needed and these in themselves can cost £3 or £4. 

Three Spare Erasers 

In line with the benefits that a mechanical pencil brings to an artist or professional draughtsman, Derwent have named their new mechanical pencil "Derwent Precision", an incredibly apt name for a tool that certainly delivers its name sake. 

The Barrel

As soon as you remove the pencil from the packaging and hold it in your hand, you immediately get the cold feel of metal, together with the weight of a quality product, this is not a product made from cheap plastic. 

Pencil Barrel With Derwent Precision Printed 

The barrel is a striking black matt polished metal, and although it feels like a round barrel, when you look closer and run your finger round the diameter, you will discover it is a Hexadecagon, a 16 sided shape. 

Along one side of the barrel is the lettering "Derwent Precision" printed in silver, which can at times be a little bit reflective in the light but attractive non the less. Further along the barrel is printed the diameter of the pencil core and in this instance it is 0.5mm.

Lapel Clip and Core Size

The black barrel sports aesthetically pleasing, chrome like metal nib and push button on the top. Along with the push button is a strong lapel clip allowing for the pencil to be tucked into any pocket and clipped for added security. on removing the metal push button at the top of the pencil, a small white eraser, which as I previously stated, three extra erasers come with this pencil straight out of the box, four in total, including the one already on the pencil. 

Derwent Precision Metal Nib

a lot of mechanical pencil when placed into a pocket or pencil case get destroyed due to the protrusion of the delicate metal nib sheath that guides the thin graphite core to the exterior. Derwent have this covered with the addition of a retractable nib, a welcomed addition to the product I am sure you will agree and yet another reason I feel this pencil is such an amazing price. 

Derwent Precision Retractible Nib

Grades and Cores 

Derwent's new "Derwent Precision" mechanical pencil comes in two core sizes, 0.5mm and 0.7mm, pretty standard sizes for this type of product. Regarding the actual graphite core grades, currently the only two grades available are HB and 2B, nothing has been said with regards the addition of other grades, one step at a time I think. Although this is Derwent's first product of this kind, I am absolutely thrilled with the pencil and think you guys will be too. 

Derwent Precision Mechanical Pencil Lead

Regarding the quality of graphite in the "Derwent Precisions" HB and 2B cores, I really don't think I need to explain the quality. Anyone and everyone who has used a Derwent Graphite pencil will be well aware of the graphite quality mined from deep within the Cumbrian Graphite Mines. This is a high quality and reliable brand in the world of graphite and their mechanical "Derwent Precision" pencil is absolutely no exception. Quality graphite for a stylish and quality product. 

Derwent Precision Lead Holder

Pricing and Release Date

So this is were you all read this wide eyed in amazement, at least I did. Whether you are purchasing the 0.5mm or 0.7mm pencil you will only pay £7.99, which I think is simply an outstanding price. So to recap, for £7.99 you get an attractive metal barrelled mechanical pencil, with retractable nib and end eraser. You also get a further three spare erasers and 15 HB or 2B graphite cores in their own plastic protective case. Further refills for 15 graphite cores in either size will cost £3.50

Derwent Precision Eraser

I have found that especially with the mechanical pencils sporting a retractable nib, the price points are normally, but not always, in and around the £15 mark, so for Derwent's price of £7.99 I really think this is going to be yet another winner for Derwent. 

Regarding the release date and when the public can expect to purchase one of these stylish mechanical pencils, you will not have too much longer to wait with an expected release date of mid to end of June 2017. 


I think my position on this new edition to the Derwent family is pretty clear. When I first heard of the new "Derwent Precision" Mechanical Pencil, I will admit, I had reservations for all of two or three minutes. After a few minutes thinking I actually felt it would be an excellent addition and prayed that this would not be some cheap plastic toe dipping exercise from Derwent to try and test the waters with their dedicated customers. 

All notions of any toe dipping were extinguished the second I held the pencil in my hand, in fact the second I removed the entire packaging from the box it was delivered in I had to read the marketing information Derwent sent to me a few times to make sure I was reading the price correctly. I could not believe that this stylish, polished black metal mechanical pencil, with retractable nib, three spare erasers, one on the product and fifteen spare HB leads, complete with protective case; could be priced so low.

Derwent have given us as consumers a real treat here and I think this is going to be a massive hit to those who use and love mechanical pencils. Of course I fully understand that there are people who just don't like mechanical pencils, no matter how they look or perform and that is absolutely fine, this product not be for you, although if you ever feel inclined to try a mechanical pencil this is definitely the one to get. However, all those mechanical pencil collectors, such as myself, are going to love this. Thank you Derwent, another winner I feel.   

Don't forget to check out the YouTube video review of this fantastic new product from Derwent 



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