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Stylefile Marker Review

Stylefile Marker Review

Stylefile Marker Review

Just over a month or so ago, I was allowed the opportunity to review these incredible, German based, Stylefile Markers. As we all know, especially in the art world, you can bet your hands on anything designed and or manufactured in Germany, being of incredibly high standards, so I was very excited to be given this opportunity. 

As I have mentioned in my YouTube review of the Stylefile Markers, I try my best when reviewing a product to keep the review completely about that company and not mention other companies. I will however, be releasing a series videos specifically comparing similar products, but when it comes to markers, so many people, myself included, consciously or subconsciously compare to the most widely renowned Japanese markers used by so many manga and anime illustrators. 

within the past few years, so many cheap versions of the Japanese illustrator markers have flooded the market, most of which not even coming close, however, the last year has seen that market change so dramatically, of which I have reviewed some excellent alternative markers. The Stylefile Markers however, as a collection and I will explain the collection in this review, deliver exceptional quality and a uniqueness I've never seen before in any marker brand. 

Also with the Stylefile Markers, I completed my first ever speed drawing of the Marvel character "Black Panther" and I can say that the Stylefile markers and their fantastic range of nibs made the result of the drawing, as good as it is. To see the speed drawing you can see it here.   

Stylefile Markers

As I have mentioned, the Stylefile markers are a German based company and if you take a look on their web site, in the gallery section, you will notice that, although not exclusively, a lot of amazing graffiti artists have taken to the Stylefile marker, in fact, if you read the history of the company, you will discover that the concept of the Stylefile marker was born from the professional graffiti world. Stylefile started out around 2009 and since then have been evolving ever since, introducing more innovative approaches to marker art. I have to say, I have fallen in love with these incredible markers and let me show you why. 

Types Of Stylefile Markers

There are three different types of Stylefile markers available at the minute and as I have mentioned, as a collection, as a collaboration between all three styles of marker, Stylefile make creating your art such an amazing experience. It is also important to mention that these markers are also Alcohol based as I know some people are sensitive to such markers, however, I must say that there is very little to no odour from the markers, although I fully understand that some people are just more sensitive than others to this type of medium. 

The Classic

The first of the markers is the Classic, the classic sports a black, round barrel, the marker is dual tipped with each end cap displaying the colour of the ink in the marker. As well as the end caps being the same colour as the ink, both caps have the name of the pigment written on them as well as a numerical code, representing the colour should you need to either replace the marker individually, or purchase a refill. 

Along the barrel of the marker, toward the end caps, a large dot and small dot have been painted on the barrel, helping the artists to visually identify which cap reveals the chisel nib and which the fine bullet nib with the large dot representing the chisel nib. The small dot represents the fine bullet nib, however, there is also a thin light grey band between the cap and the barrel, adding another visual guide to which nib is covered by the cap. A lot of marker artists will contest to the fact that on many occasions, they will have had to take of both caps in order to locate the desired nib, but with these easy to identify markings, Stylefile has removed this headache.     

The nibs on the Stylefile Classic is of a classic nature and perhaps nibs you have seen in other markers, however, the quality of the nib is also a major factor and Stylefile have sourced the highest quality nibs. I have only been using my Stylefile markers for approximately a month and a half, in this short period of time I have used the markers extensively, as you may also be able to see in the speed drawing of Marvel's "Black Panther" I created. 

Stylefile Brush Marker

Next up is the Stylefile Brush Marker, now the brush marker seems to be the most popular type of nib that marker artists are looking for and Stylefile do not fall short. As with the Stylefile Classic, the Brush marker sports a light grey barrel, also displaying the same large and small dots close to the end caps for ease of identifying the nib types. As with the Classic, rather than a light grey band, the Brush sports a black band between the barrel and cap as another identifying feature of the brush tip. So the large dot indicates the chisel nib and the small dot, along with the black band, identifies the brush nib. 

Again, as with the Classic, the lids on the Brush marker are the same colour as the ink within the marker, again making it incredibly easy to select the colours you want at a glance. Looking a little bit closer, you will also see that both lids are marked with the colour name and a numerical code representing the pigment should you need to order a replacement marker or refill. 

The Stylefile Brush tip is an excellent tip, with a level of flexibility allowing for a plethora of marks to be made. Also, in some of my other marker reviews, people have contacted me months later and told me that the nib on their particular marker has either lost it's point or frayed. As previously mentioned, I have been using the Stylefile markers extensively for a month and a half now and the Stylefile Brush tip has kept its shape perfectly, no fraying and ink flow has remained as rich and free flowing as the day I first used them.  

Stylefile Brush Marker Skin tone's

I was incredibly fortunate that Stylefile sent me a wonderful 12 set of Brush Tip Skin Tones which as you can see from the images below, this set in itself is such a valuable set to have in your arsenal.

Stylefile Allround Marker 

The Stylefile Allround is the third marker in the Stylefile range and also the newest to the lineup, but in my opinion, the Stylefile Allround is what really sets this brand among the other so many marker companies. I have never seen another marker out there, with the same nibs that the Allround sports. 

As with the Classic and the Brush, the barrel is round and dark grey in colour, making all three Stylefile markers really easy to distinguish between one an other. The Allround also has the same markings to help identify which nib is under the lid. So, on to the nibs and what makes them so unique and why I feel, that as a collection, the Stylefile markers are the finest on the market. 

The large dot on the Classic and Brush markers represents a chisel nib, but not in the Allround, this time the large dot identifies a nib I have never seen anywhere before, never mind in a marker. I really don't know how to describe it, so the best thing to do is show you the nib. 

The other nib on the Allround is yet another nib I have not seen on a marker but it is one heck of a nib and one that really helped me with the Black Panther drawing I done. Actually, the reason I chose the Black Panther drawing was because, Stylefile sent to me a set of 12 Neutral Greys and in the set of 48 Brush markers, there was 12 Neutral Grey Brush markers. I felt Marvel's, "Black Panther" drawing would allow me to demonstrate the range of amazing nibs and just how well the Stylefile markers all work together. 

As you can see from the image above, the Stylefile Allround nib is along the same lines as a fine liner, but with all the power of an artist grade marker at the helm. The Allround as I mentioned is one of Stylefile's newer markers to the range and as things stand, the Allround does not have the same vast selection of colours the other two have. This may be the way things will stay or perhaps more colours will be introduced to the range at a later date. Regardless, the Allround is an outstanding marker and one I will be saving my money to get some of the colour sets. 

Stylefile Over All Features 

So I have spoke about some of the individual features of the markers, but altogether, Stylefile have really pushed the boat out to make this marker stand out among the many markers clambering to reach the top spot. to be honest though, I don't think Stylefile are interested in entering some race to be top choice marker for illustrators and artists a like, I feel Stylefile confidently let their product do the talking and stand alone with a unique art product for artists and illustrators of all walks to love adore and pine for. 

The first thing I noticed about the Stylefile markers was the incredible ease of removing the lids. So many markers have really stiff lids to remove and it is almost a tug or war game to remove them, this is not the case with all three of the Stylefile Markers. 

Although the barrels of the Stylefile markers are round, on all the lids there is a small fin preventing the barrel from rolling off your work surface. Stylefile have also made identifying all three different markers really easy with their very different barrel colours

Stylefile Sets

The best way to find out about the sets and pricing is to visit Stylefile's awesome web site, they have a section on there, with a map of the world and the distributers of the Stylefile markers. Simply click on your country and a list of stores will be provided of where you can purchase the markers in that particular country. 

For the Classic Marker, sets of 6, 12, 24, 36, 48 and 72, there is also a 120 Display set along with a huge 756 display case for retailers to purchased, complete with markers. 

The Brush Marker sets are the same as the Classic, 6, 12 , 24, 36, 48 and 72 as well as the retailer display sets which I have to say look absolutely amazing. I say retailer display sets, anyone can purchase them really as they are available on Amazon as well as the Stylefile web site.

The Allround as I have mentioned are the new kid to the lineup, they have a 12 set of Neutral Greys, 12 set called Main Set a and a 12 set Main Set B. Both A and B sets are colours. 

As well as the sets, I have mentioned throughout the review that the markers can be purchased individually in Open Stock which is fantastic, however, Stylefile have also started with 25ml refills bottles, which in themselves look amazing.    

Stylefile Sketch Pads 

Of course, Stylefile don't just stop with the outstanding markers, they also provide the perfect surface to use these beauties on. When Stylefile sent the markers to me, I almost threw out the box after removing the markers, but I knew it was too heavy to be an empty box. So I removed all the packing paper to protect the markers and much to my delight found an A3 Stylefile Marker Sketch Pad. However, they also have hard back pads which look amazing, I haven't used them yet, hence I say yet as I can assure you, this will not be the last review you hear from me and this amazing company Stylefile. I plan of purchasing the colour range of the Allround, the Cool and Warm Greys in the Brush and a hard back Sketch pad and if my funds can stretch I will purchase an empty Stylefile storage shelf which I will of course review and add to my growing art storage reviews. 


I know this is perhaps a bit of a long review, however, when you think about it, this review covers three individual markers that just so happen to be from the same company. I won't ramble on and so will just say I loved these markers. Their lay down and coverage was beautiful, the colours in the markers rich and the unique nibs, as a collection, allow marker artists to tackle any work their heart desire, no matter how detailed. I love the Stylefile Marker and highly highly highly recommend this marker to any marker artist out there. Don't forget, to see the Stylefile marker in action, please check out my "Black Panther" speed drawing on my YouTube channel. 



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