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Spectrum Noir Tri-Blend Markers

Spectrum Noir Tri-Blend Markers

Spectrum Noir Tri-Blend Markers

First things first, I am in the middle of doing some art work with the Spectrum Noir Tri-Blend Markers and as soon as I have it completed I will upload it to my website and YouTube channel. I was kindly sent the full set of Spectrum Noir Tri-Blend Markers for review, however all of this week we are having a new kitchen fitted and so as well as the house being upside down, we are without power for a lot of time, so I really wanted to upload the review as soon as possible and work on the art while the power is off

When I first seen the markers advertised, for some strange reason and it is strange, I thought the markers had three different nibs; a chisel nib, brush nib and bullet nib. However all the nib types are the same and it is the colors that are different enabling the artist to create flawless blending. So you can see why my initial surmise was ridiculous, three different nibs wouldn’t really serve a purpose for most artists.

Spectrum Noir Tri-Blend Markers Sets Available.

This has been kept really simple by Spectrum Noir and Crafters Companion, there is only one set available which is the 24 set. Although this may sound like a small set to marker enthusiasts as we marker users love to have lots of color for exactly the purpose the Tri-Blend have been created for. However 24 markers actually equals 72 individual colors, which puts a different perspective on things.

There are no refills for the markers, however you can purchase the markers individually, open stock, they come in blister packs so the advantage of purchasing markers in this format is the knowledge that nobody has used the marker or tested it in the store you are ordering from. Occasionally, loose pens and markers are opened and used by customer to test the nib or see the color of the ink, of course there is nothing wrong with this and for the most part markers or pens used in this fashion lose very little ink. Never the less, individual markers packaged eliminates any possibility of excessive ink loss in a brand new marker.

Spectrum Noir Tri-Blend Marker Characteristics

The Tri-Blend barrels are gloss black in color, hexagonal in shape and quite a bit longer than the Spectrum Noir Illustrator or Graphic Markers. The length is to be expected given there are three individual colors in the one barrel.

Along each barrel where the various sections come apart to reveal the nibs, there are colored bands, indicating the specific color of that nib, ranging from light, mid to dark. All three nibs that are on the Tri-Blend markers are bullet nibs, I understand that some people prefer brush tips and other the bullet nib, I guess at the end of the day this is preferential issue, that and the fact that Spectrum Noir already offer a wide selection of Brush Nib Markers with their Illustrator

As you can see from the image, the Tri-Blend marker splits into three section, one section sports two nibs and the third section only one nib. At first use, I actually split the marker into three and used the marker in this way, however after a short while I discovered this was not a good method. To see how I demonstrate using the Tri-Blend markers you should check out my YouTube review were I actually discuss what I think is the intended method of use.

Both end caps of the markers have the color system printed, along one side of the barrel is printed in white “Tri-BLend” which is the name of the markers, followed with “By Spectrum Noir”. On the opposite side of the marker, each nib has printed information indicating whether the nib is light, mid or dark. So for example in the images provided, the light nib has LG5 Light and an icon of a nib pointing to the actual nib. Likewise for the Mid and Dark indications. LG on this particular image refers to the color blend which is Light Green

Spectrum Noir Tri-Blend Performance

As with all of the Spectrum Noir Markers I have tested and reviewed, the flow and quality of the ink in the Tri-Blend is as good as any marker I have ever used. High quality ink, seamless flow and practically no streaks regardless which way I use the marker.

Spectrum Noir have an extensive marker range, their Illustrator Marker, Graphic Marker, Colourista and their older markers The Colour System Markers and now the Tri-Blend. I have tested and demonstrated all but the Colour System markers and the Tri-Blend in terms of performance are comparable to the Illustrator and Graphic markers.

I have completed a simple swatch and blend test of all the markers which you can see from the image. I am currently working on some art work using the Tri-Blend, which as soon as I have completed it I will upload and notify you all of. Normally I upload all the reviews at the same time, however as I mentioned in the YouTube video review, we are having our kitchen fitted all of this week and the house is upside down, so my main concern was getting the review out and work on the art work during the week when we have long period of no electricity.

Spectrum Noir Tri Blend Pricing

On Crafters Companion / Spectrum Noirs website, the full range of Tri-Blend markers will cost here in the UK £79, Individual markers will cost £3.49 per marker and there is also a shoulder carry bag complete with the full range of markers, at the time of writing this review I was unable to locate the item on their website and price, however I will of course update the review as and when the information becomes available.

Ordinary I try to get the prices and links from Amazon as this is a more global and generic place to get the prices and links from, however, due to the fact the Tri-Blend markers by Spectrum Noir are relatively new, the full catalog of range is not available at the time of writing this review. It is always difficult locating prices and links to fairly new products from companies, which is the reason I no longer mention prices on my YouTube video reviews and add them only on my written reviews because I am able to change and update the written review as and when needed.

This unfortunately was the case for pricing in the US and Europe, however as soon as they become available I will of course update the site. Alternatively you can co direct to the Spectrum Noir or Crafters Companion website and purchase from their website.

Spectrum Noir Tri-Blend Markers Conclusion

Once again Spectrum Noir have done a phenomenal job with this new product. I don’t think there is currently anything on the market better than the Spectrum Noir Tri-Blend Markers that will help first time marker artists to blend. However, the Tri-Blend are not just for beginners, I personally just feel that they are a fantastic place for beginners to start with. For the more experienced marker artist, why make life difficult when you have an option such as the Tri-Blend in your arsenal.

With a total of 72 colors, this is a fantastic place for Spectrum Noir to start with, there are a few other color blends that I would love to see Spectrum Noir develop in this range and knowing Spectrum Noir, there is a possibility of increasing the set, perhaps maybe another 24 markers making the total 144 individual colors and 48 markers.

I know when it comes to markers, the nibs are always the bone of contention, some prefer brush tip, some the bullet nib and other the chisel, although the Tri-Blend sport only the bullet nib, Spectrum Noir have all marker artists covered with their wide range of markers, from the brush tip Illustrator, bullet tip Graphic etc. Spectrum Noir’s extensive range of markers all work well together, however I can’t talk of the Spectrum Noir Colour System as I have never personally tried them.

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