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The Art Gear Guide Announcement

The Art Gear Guide Announcement

The Art Gear Guide Announcement

I have been just waiting for the right time to make this announcement and I feel now is that time. I would like to say however, in making this announcement I am in no way wishing to upset of offend anyone whatsoever and as you read further into this article, it will all become clear.

If you cast you mind back a few months ago, my review writing services were no longer required at Colored Pencil Magazine. If you are new to my channel and unaware of this event, I would really rather not discuss the ins and outs of it here, however you can search through my videos and see the explanation.

At the time however, I was devastated not to be writing reviews for the publication and even more so about the way in which I was let go. I have not held many jobs in my life as my career was a Soldier in the British Army until my medical discharge, but I have never ever been dismissed from anywhere, so this was a difficult pill to swallow.

I received so many fantastic comments and support from all of you guys throughout the entirety of the event, however many of you left comments to the effect that sometimes good things come from bad. At the time I couldn’t really see what good could have come from what had just happened, but I was wrong and you guys were absolutely right.

Ann Kullberg’s Color Magazine

Ann Kullberg from Color Magazine reached out to me, primarily to assure me that everything would be okay and that my work on my site would attract other opportunities. We continued chatting and before I knew it, I was offered the amazing opportunity of having my reviews published in Color Magazine.

I was so torn about this decision at the time, but not because of Ann or the Magazine, but because I was worried writing for Color Magazine would cause problems for Ann, would perhaps upset some of you guys, non of which I wanted to happen at all. However, here I was given another opportunity to do what I absolutely love doing which is writing reviews on art supplies and having them published in a highly respected and highly regarded art magazine.

I agreed but between Ann and myself we both decided to wait a few months before publishing my first review, so as to let things settle down with regards to raw feelings still surrounding the way in which I was dismissed from CPM. Another thing that worried me was that throughout my time at CPM I of course advertised my reviews in the magazine, which so many of you subscribed to on account of this, however when I was dismissed, many of you unsubscribed from CPM. So I was worried that you guys would get upset with me if I then started advertising my reviews in Color Magazine and this was so not what I wanted to happen.

It is really as simple as this, I love what I do with regards to reviewing art supplies, this has helped me so much in dealing with my spinal injury and constant from my time in the Army as well as the mental issue I sustained. But it is not just the reviews that has helped, it is the art community, it is you guys and your support something I value so much. So when I was given this wonderful opportunity by Ann who could clearly see how upset and affected I had been by the CPM event, I just couldn’t believe how fortunate I had been. Ann didn’t have to offer me this position, in fact, if anything, offering this position to me was only opening up Ann to issues based on the History Ann and CPM unfortunately share.

My first review was issued in the October Issue of Color Magazine and going forward will be issued every month. There is a difference with my reviews in Color Magazine however, Ann has given me completely free reign over what I review, providing the review is obviously of interest to the Color Magazine readers. So long as what I write interests the Color Magazine readers, I can review what I like, which is such a liberating feeling, the freedom to write what I like shows the faith and confidence Ann has in my ability, which is incredibly humbling given how long Ann has been involved in the colored pencil world, all of her accomplishments within the community as well.

UK Colored Pencil Society

U.K. Coloured Pencil Society

However, this is not the end of my good fortune, at around the same time, I was also approached by a friend from the UK Coloured Pencil Society and we spoke about having my reviews published in their quarterly magazine “Talking Point”. I had spoke to a member of the UK Coloured Pencil Society before about publishing reviews in “Talking Point” however I was not allowed to write for any other publication whilst writing for CPM.

The excellent thing about writing for the UK Coloured Pencil Society apart from the obvious is that the magazine is published every three months and so this removes so much pressure. Due to my current medical situation I simply would’t be able to maintain consistent reviews for two publications every month without letting people down.

To say I was over the moon with the opportunities that presented themselves to me after my dismissal, would be an under statement. I can’t thank Ann Kullberg and the UK Coloured Pencil Society enough for believing in my ability and publishing my reviews. The team at Color Magazine have all welcomed me with open arms and made me feel incredibly valued and the very same is true for the UK Coloured Pencil Society.

I know this written account of my announcement is a bit long and perhaps I have repeated myself one or two times, however I sometimes find it difficult to express my feelings and get across exactly what I want. You can also watch my video announcement on this matter if you have found my article a tad confusing. I have also supplied links back to Color Magazine if you wish to subscribe to the magazine or perhaps browse through the huge array of colored pencil tutorial books published by outstanding artists via Ann Kullbergs website. You may also consider joining the UK Coloured Pencil Society, there are huge benefits to being a member and a few different subscription packages to chose from.

As always, thank you all so very much for your continued support, I wish with all my heart I was able to repay your generosity and support. Thank you all so much.

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