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Sword Art Online Kirito With Stylefile Markers

Sword Art Online Kirito With Stylefile Markers

Sword Art Online Kirito With Stylefile Markers

I am not personally a huge fan of Manga or Anime, at least I wasn't until I started getting into art and drawing. When I very first started drawing I followed people like Mark Crilley, who happens to be amazing at this particular style of art. Through his tutorials and following along, I became hooked on drawing Manga and Anime, I just love the style of art, even though many people don't class it as art. 

Over the two years that I have been drawing, I have completed quite a few Manga style drawings and I can see in myself improvement and long may it continue. Every time I draw something new, I am always learning, remembering previous mistakes and trying to ensure they dont happen again. 

I still have a long way to go and in particular, learning about all the Anime and Manga titles and characters. Sword Art Online is one of my favourite regarding characters to draw, but there are so many other fantastic titles out there. 

As well as a speed drawing, I have as always, compiled images from various stages of the drawing. I have only recently started adding speed drawings to my YouTube channel as it was something I wasn't very confident about doing, however the more I do the more I enjoy them. 


I completed this drawing using my awesome Stylefile Markers, I have made a review video explaining how amazing these markers are along with another speed drawing of Black Panther the Marvel Superhero. I know there are a lot of companies out there at the minute trying to compete against Copic, I personally have a lot of Copic markers, however, from the first day I started using the Stylefile Markers, I much prefer Stylefile. As a result I have stopped purchasing Copics and am trying to complete my Stylefile collection. 

The paper I have used is my all time favourite Strathmore 500 Series Bristol Plate, this paper is simply outstanding for marker work and mixed media in general. The paper is such high quality and allows the marker to blend well whilst adding layers of colored pencils. To finish the drawing off I used my new Prismacolor Premier pencils. This was the main reason I got the Prismacolor Premier pencils, for fan art and manga style art and as expected they work amazing, I also have a new video review up of my new Prismacolor Premier 150 set. 

Kirito Sword Art Online 

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Final Image Sword Art Online 

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